Since our sunroom was built, we’ve enjoyed it every single day! We love to watch nature, the snow falling, and the rain storms from our sunroom.

Dostal – Gretna, NE

“Everyone at Malibu did a great job. I absolutely love my sunroom.”

Adams – Lincoln, NE

“The fact that it was built as a sunroom and not a room with windows is what sold us. Terri did a good job of explaining the construction of the room”

Fowler – Omaha, NE

“The installers were very professional & polite and they got the job done.” “They worked above and beyond the call of duty”

Ramsbottom – Elkhorn, NE

“We decided if we’re going to do it, we’re going to use the best. We were not at all impressed with competitors. We think our sunroom is beautiful, it’s gorgeous and they were very helpful”

Waldeisen – Gretna, NE

“Our friends told us there’s only one place to go to get a sunroom and that’s Malibu Sunrooms! We just love being out here.”

Steinbach – Lincoln, NE

“I felt confident in what everyone was doing and saw a lot of pride in everyone’s workmanship. Terri was very knowledgeable and nice.”

Koborg – Omaha, NE

“The entire process of dealing with Malibu Sunrooms went great. I have nothing bad to say. This was an additional to our kitchen and we just love being able to enjoy nature.”

Schwarten – Omaha, NE

“We really enjoy our room and spend most of our time out there. Our friends and family come over, and the really love it too!”

Schmidt – Bennett, NE

“We had a Malibu Sunroom but had to move and we felt lost! We didn’t know where to go to drink our coffee. So we decided to build ANOTHER Malibu Sunroom in our new home. We love it!”

Boshart – Lincoln, NE

“It feels like we’ve doubled the size of our house and we just love it! Everyone was pleasant to work with and did a super job!”

Roth – Milford, NE

“If I could hug all of you at Malibu Sunrooms, I would! You guys are great and have a wonderful company. We love working with people who are thorough and detailed.”

Derby – Louisville, NE

“We didn’t talk to any other companies, just trusted Malibu Sunrooms and we are thrilled with the results.”

Novak – Dorchester, NE

“Every time we called with a question, we got an answer. Terri was patient with us and helped us build our dream.”

Ferrera – Bellevue, NE

“We were thankful that people allowed us to go into their homes to see their sunrooms. It really helped make our decision. This is clearly a superior product and we just love spending time out here.”

Houtkooper – Omaha, NE

“Talked to the competitors at the home show, but after seeing Malibu’s product we didn’t even get any other quotes.”

Anderson – Oakland, NE

“This room came together beyond our wildest dreams. We just love everything. Malibu does a fabulous job.”

Partusch – Papillion, NE

“We just love the way our sunrooms blends into our house. We have really enjoyed it so far and would highly recommend Malibu to anyone looking for a quality sunroom.”

Toben – Doniphan, NE

“Malibu Sunrooms was patient, we had a thousand questions and he answered every one of them. He did a great job explaining everything to us and he told the truth. I would recommend this to anyone who calls.  I already tried to sell one to my neighbor”

Fahsholtz – Firth, NE

“My husband loves it! I don’t know what you could do to improve your products and services”

Harper – Papillion, NE

“We were really impressed with Malibu Sunrooms. Everyone was so good to work with, we’re very happy”

Botic – Fremont, NE

“The installers were very good, we were very happy with them.  They were very easy to work with, they did a great job!”

Haarmann – York, NE

“We are 100% satisfied.  We just absolutely love it! I’ve already highly recommended you to many people. I feel the materials are very substantial.  It is a quality product.  We get a lot of wind but it is soundproof in our Malibu Sunroom.”

Kern – York, NE

“Terri was just marvelous, we just loved her.  She explained everything to us.  She did a very good job”

Ferraro – Lincoln, NE

“Installers did an excellent job, the kind of guys that measures twice and cuts once.  We were very happy with them.  They was very easy to have around”

Pearson – Lincoln, NE

“We just love everything!  They did a fantastic job!”

Cosentino – Omaha, NE

“There’s just no comparison, Malibu has the better product. Their demonstration sold us, the process was very easy. We thought if we were going to invest the money, it was worth it to get the better product”

Willhoft – Grand Island, NE

“The installers were very good.”

Chvatal – Colon, NE

“Malibu Sunrooms was very accommodating. Very pleased and satisfied with everybody, it all came together really well”

Dorste – Omaha, NE

“Our installers were very tidy, very meticulous.  Our neighbors even comments on their attention to detail. Our Malibu Sunrooms is beautiful, it’s added value to our home.  It looks like it’s always been there”

Nailon – Omaha, NE

“I get a lot of compliments on it. For me, it made sense to go with the year round room because of the many benefits it had that other sunrooms couldn’t begin to offer.”

Hansen – Fremont, NE

“People used to migrate to our kitchen. Thanks to Malibu Sunrooms, now everyone gathers in our sunroom. I don’t know what we ever did without it!”

Vern and Judi Somer, Omaha, NE

“Your employees are very easy to work with. I recommend them highly. My conservatory is truly beautiful inside and out.”

Charlotte Hill, Leawood, KS

“Absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Installers did a fantastic job and I love it!”

Kathy Chase, Minden, NE

“My sunroom is a good vantage point to enjoy my scenic back yard. We use it to relax and entertain, and our grandkids love to play there, too!”

Terry Klein, Lincoln, NE

“This is like having our own private resort. What a great place to escape and relax! We have had so many friends comment on the features and workmanship of our patio room!”

Roger and Sue Knight, Omaha, NE

“Our sunroom is so warm and cozy. It’s great to watch the snow fall in the winter. My orchids really like it, and we love sitting in our room enjoying the sunshine!”

Scott and Becky Mercer, Gibbon, NE

“Our sunroom is the best investment we’ve ever made. We’ve become avid bird watchers – something I never dreamed we would enjoy.”

Gary and Cathy Heitbrink, Malcom, NE

“The installers did a great job! Once they started on the project, they were here until completion. Everything was professionally done. It’s a favorite family gathering place.”

Dean and Jane Pretzer, Diller, NE

“The entire process of dealing with Malibu Sunrooms went great. I have nothing bad to say. This was an addition to our kitchen, and we just love being able to enjoy nature.”

Bill and Debbie Schwarten, Omaha, NE

“If you are considering a Patio Enclosures sunroom for you and your family, we can only say you are working with the best. Not only are they a joy to work with in the initial planning stage, professionalism abounded each working day as well. Care was taken with building materials, making sure everything fit correctly.

Royce and Sharon Holtgrewe, Lincoln, NE

“Your installers were very responsive to our requests while on the job.  We were very satisfied with the lines of communication between ourselves and Malibu Sunrooms, along with the overall handling of the process. In our opionion, there would be “nothing” better Malibu could do to improve its products or services.”

Stan and Mary Campbell, Lincoln, NE

“It is not often one has the pleasure of dealing with a company that not only gives an exemplary sales presentation, but then proceeds to exceed the buyer’s expectations. We are 110% pleased!! If you ever have a customer who is not sure who should build their sunroom, have them call us and we’ll convince

Fred and Judy McVay, Lincoln, NE